Ashley of Recreate is located at the beautiful and creative Purnama Style Lounge in Kelowna British Columbia

Purnama Style Lounge

505 Sutherland Ave

Kelowna, BC Canada V1Y 5X3


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To give new life.


There was a time in my career where I was diagnosed with something that would not allow me to be a hairstylist and a makeup artist.


It was then that I realized the burning passion I had to be creative. I was managing a hair salon where my creativity was turning into numbers and solving problems. I found myself digging in my closet and cutting, ripping and RECREATING all of my clothes.


It was then I realized I had been recreating my guests looks all along.


I was very lucky to go back to my career as I had healed myself from my carpel tunnel, and realized its my promise to myself and my guests that no matter how many times I have seen someone, no matter what the situation, I would always look at the hair and faces as a fresh pallet, a fresh start, something that once was can be beautifully recreated into something new and fresh.


We are constantly forever growing and changing and I think that that is the most important factor in the beauty industry to always have in mind as an artist.

Ashley Sanderson

Stylist & Makeup Artist


Growing up in a small town of the Okanagan with high hopes and dreams of creating a name for herself. Ashley started the Cosmetology program at the young age of 17. It didn’t take very long to be wanting to branch out of the small town and move to Kelowna.


Ashley chose to work in hair salons with high education where she developed her skills, then taking a job opportunity in Banff at the beautiful well-renowned spa at the Fairmont Banff Springs. This is where she developed her mastering skills of bridal hair and makeup.


Craving the Okanagan feels she then returned to Kelowna to build and establish her clientele.


Ashley has mastered her colouring techniques from various colouring educations; including Redken, Wella, and Loreal, mastered her cutting skills from various cutting classes including Vidal Sassoon Training in Toronto.

Although colouring, cutting and bridal work is her love, she has developed a strong passion for hair extensions where she can make dreams come true and can help heal and guide confidence back with the use of hair extensions.


Ashley’s passion is to truly make someone feel the uttermost confidence about themselves by creating hair and makeup looks that are the best suitable for your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle.


Haircut, colour, extensions, hairstyles and makeup, she hopes to bring out the best in you so that you have the confidence and power to succeed in this lifetime.


Whether you are a beautiful glowing bride looking to find your dream stylist and makeup artist, wanting a cut that will flatter you the most, colour that makes your inner soul shine, or struggling with fine or unexpected hair loss, Ashley can help guide you in the right direction to live your life with confidence.


Ashley enjoys the Okanagan summers, taking dance classes, recreating clothes, raising money for ducks, being in nature and the company of her family and friends.


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